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Solar for business

Solar for business just makes sense.

During your office hours, when solar production is at its greatest. Air conditioners, Fridges, Cookers, Machinary, lights, the list goes on.  

All of this can be done in a more cost effective, economical way. Not to mention the good feeling The business generates when you know it is powered by clean energy.


Your system can pay itself off in as little as 2 years! Then enjoy 20 years of free power!


Call us today to find out how!

 Call us today to find out how!

Key benefits


  • Great return on investment.

  • Reliable, silent and no maintenance.

  • Clean energy powers your business.

  • Cheaper than traditional forms of power, simply a better and smarter way to do business.

  • Battery backup options can easily be added to any system to ensure your business is in peak operation at any time.



We have a range of business finance options from long term leases to direct low cost finance.  Ask us how today.


In Queensland and Northern Territory you can have up to 100kw on any 3 phase power system with non export which is ideal for even the largest of business and factory requirements.

 Your business can have an excellent return on investment with the system paying itself off through savings in just a few short years.

Battery backup systems also provide a fantastic UPS backup power supply  for your business critical needs such as Servers and fridges.

 No need for expensive noisy and sometimes unreliable generators that need lots of maintenance and service.  A commercial battery backup system is maintenance free, silent running and lasts in excess of ten years with daily use.

Our experienced design team offer long term industry knowledge and experience and will design a system that put the power, back in your hands.



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