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Solar with Batteries

So many people ask themselves. How would gaining energy independence benefit me?

There are many benefits to Owning  a solar storage system.


Not least of which is a great return on investment. Many our systems offer returns as much as 180% over the life of the system.

  • Costs less than conventional power. as little as 7 cents a kw over the life of the system, including your purchase cost.
  • No need for feed in tariffs you keep your energy!
  • Has blackout protection.
  • Solar is worth it again!
  • Creates clean power.
  • Is reliable and the price of power never goes up, unlike traditional polluting methods.

The simple facts are, solar storage has become an excellent and more economical way to provide your homes power.  It does not rely on tired, polluting and uneconomical technologies.

Ask us today just how great the return on investment is on a 24 hour solar system.


Compared to traditional Grid-tied Solar System

  • Save money on your power bills by increasing the proportion of self-use electricity generated by your solar system from 30% to more than 70%.
  • Save money by becoming independent from ever increasing energy prices.
  • Protect your family and business from power outages.
  • Reduce stress on the grid by reducing your solar power feed.

Compared to other brands

  • Reliable – European and American made or designed key components.
  • Efficient – Highly effective solar power utilization and long battery life by intelligent designed charging module.
  • User-friendly – Intelligent man-machine interaction mode.

Solar energy storage is the future, which means traditional power generators will face more and more issues with less people wanting to be using dirty polluting forms of energy like coal.

As they have less customers their network costs remain the same which we believe, will drive up prices for traditional energy.  Now is the time to act and gain energy independence at a great price.

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