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Lumax Solar are a quality solar panel company who have been around since 2013.

Servicing Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, and surrounding areas we know how to look after the regions with great local service and reliable after sales support.


Choosing a system

Choosing the right system can be tricky. Our friendly advice is paramount to our service.


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We tailor your solar system to your needs and budget. Friendly advice, great service.


Solar for business just makes sense. your system pays itself off in just a few short years.


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The Cairns Solar Buyers Guide

So what’s important in choosing a solar solution for your home or business in Cairns?

Price, longevity, performance, payback time, quality, warranty and service? It can be a little confusing for a first time buyer just looking to get lower power bills.

We have created this simple guide to try to make it easier. At Lumax we believe in helping build solutions for informed customers.

Solar for business just makes sense.

During your office hours, when solar production is at its greatest. Air conditioners, Fridges, Cookers, Machinery, lights, the list goes on.

All of this can be done in a more cost effective, economical way. Not to mention the good feeling The business generates when you know it is powered by clean energy.

Looking For the Best Solar Power in Cairns & North Queensland?

In Cairns, Port Douglas, TownsvilleAthertonMareeba  and all throughout Queensland, the team of expert solar panel installers at Lumax Solar pride themselves on delivering the best in the industry.

And that doesn’t mean the highest quality products.

We believe the installation process should be hassle free from start to finish, so you can enjoy the many benefits of solar without the headache. How good’s that?

Quality Solar Panel Installations

To us, quality means attention to detail, commitment to the highest industry standards, and a dedication to doing the job properly. Our solar installers Cairns take these values seriously, and work meticulously to create a finished solar system that functions just as well for the years to come as well as they do now.

What that means for you:

Our commitment to quality means one thing: your satisfaction. You’ve already chosen to take a step towards a cleaner – and more affordable – future. Now, it’s time to let our solar panel experts in Queensland do what they do best.

For solar power Cairns and other regions across this sunny state, you cannot go wrong with Lumax Solar – that part’s easy. Now, you’ll need to decide which type of solar panel to purchase. We can help.

There are three main categories of solar panel. Let’s have a look at each in more detail, so you can create a function and long-lasting solar system.

  • Budget solar panels: These are cheaper and generally do not have offices in Australia. They usually degrade faster than higher ends brands too, despite any warranty promises.
  • Quality brands: These deliver trusted long-term performance within a reasonable price bracket. Most big brands fall within this category.
  • Premium solar systems: Want the very best and have the budget for the initial investment? Premium brands offer the best long-term performance on the market.

If you’d like help selecting your solar panels, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on

  • Size of the system.
  • Do you use power during the day or night?
  • Are you willing to use it properly?>

As an example a 10kw system on a domestic house using 60% of the power the solar panels produce and sending 40% to the grid. At the time of writing would save you $762 per quarter on your electricity bill.

Over 20 years this is over $60,000!! even if power prices don’t rise!

The short answer is yes. But at a reduced power output. Solar panels work best in the sun. 

This will happen the moment your solar panel system is turned on. in QLD this is after the energy company change your meter to a digital import/export  meter.Usually about two weeks after your installation.

Warranties on solar panels differ between brands. most panels carry a 25 year performance warranty but it is extremely difficult to claim on. Most good solar panels have 10-15 years on the product which is the “real warranty.

How ever, many brands are not good to deal with. that is why Lumax solar is very picky on who we choose to to business with.

Only companies with Australian offices and local warranties.

If your solar panels are installs by a reputable solar installer like Lumax solar then yes they will have no issues during a cyclone. This is one reason its important to use a local company as we understand that cyclones are a very real issue in Cairns and Townsville.

We “over engineer our systems to make sure you will have decades of trouble free enjoyment of your low bills.

Unfortunatly there are some very unscrupulous operators in the solar industry. Selling low quality products at very cheap prices.

IF you buy from these kinds of operators then yes , it is quite likley. If you buy from a reputable supplier like Lumax solar who has been around for many years and is a platinum rated supplier then this will not happen and you can expect decades of great performance.

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