Are half cut cell solar panels better than standard.

So what’s all the hype about “half cut cell” solar panel technology? 

Why is everyone in the industry talking about it? 

                     Q-peak 300

Image one half cut cell               Image 2 standard Mono PERC solar panel.

So first off it’s important to know a few basics.

  • A normal solar panel has 60 Cells.
  • A half cut cell doubles this amount to 120 in the same size solar panel.
  • It creates more pathways for power to get to the inverter.

So what and who cares?

The reason it is such an amazing breakthrough in solar panel technology is it has has some very distinct advantages. 

  • It is superior in low light performance.
  • It is not affected by shade as much as standard panels.
  • It is more durable for long life performance
  • It  it is less susceptible to micro cracking. (cracks that develop in cells over time)
  • They perform better under high heat conditions than standard solar panels. Heat is not something we are short of in Australia.
  • They are less susceptible to hot spots, a major cause of panel failure.
  • They are much higher efficiency than standard panels.

     Some great examples of this are Suntech 330 and Risen 330 watt solar panels.  and Q-Cell, Q-Peak Duo 330 watt.

Risen and Suntech have both mastered the art of producing half cut cells and like many top manufacturers, have incorporated the technology.

These Solar panels pack twice as many cells into the same space as a normal solar panel. It’s quite the innovation.

This  has not happened for quite some time.  The last significant innovation being  the invention  of PERC panels.

In 2018 Q-Cell won the prestigious 2018 innovation award for their Q-Peak Duo.

  • Which incorporated both Half cut and their proprietary Q-Antum technology.  Into one single absolutely blisteringly good solar panel.
  • Reaching 325 watts with amazing cyclone ratings and generally awesome performance.
  • Its speciality is  very harsh environments like high heat, high humidity  salt mist and corrosion.

All things we regularly get in Australia. Particularly in north Queensland.

Along with all the other advantages they have, half cut cell technology can be a very appealing.  They can be a smart option to consider, when purchasing solar panels.


Half cut cells also have split junction boxes.

This means less heat below any individual cell.  Which can add longevity.

“hot spots” are very common in cheap panels and can significantly reduce lifespan and performance.

In worst case scenarios it has been known to  create fire risks.

Above – Split Junction box reduces cell heating and possible hot spots.


While half cut cells are more expensive than their less efficient and less durable standard poly crystalline counterparts.

If you are looking for a long term power solution with significant advantages but don’t want to pay the significant costs of  panels like LG and Sunpower that use N-Type Silicon.

This this can be a really good option.



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