Are Longi a good solar panel?

“So are Longi? solar panels a good idea for my home or business?”

  • In short yes.. they are a great panel with a reasonable price and excellent performance.

The worlds largest mono-crystalline producer. Longi solar have recently entered the solar market in Australia.

They have been shaking up the solar space with high performance modules at really decent prices.

It’s creating quite a stir with traditional big players in the market who are suddenly looking quite expensive for less efficient models.

It no doubt has many of them worried.

So how did they do it?

Well Longi traditionally were a solar cell manufacturer providing cells to the worlds most famous and expensive brands.? For example LG, Canadian Solar, Kyocera,? Mofo,? and JA the list is long.

Using their superior cell production ability, it wasn’t a major effort to simply purchase an existing panel manufacturer.

They purchased? Lerri. Then they? applied their well regarded and world record holding cell technology into their own brand of panels.? (very much to the dismay of the big brands)

Quite simply, they decided to bring their world leading cell technology, direct to the market itself with amazing success.

With Panels ranging from 285 watt to 360 watt. The high efficiency black frame modules are very hard to beat. Especially if you? consider they are priced similar to many lower end poly crystalline modules.

The end result?? They have very quickly become one of the leading brands in the very price competitive market of Australia.

In fact, they have joined the “silicon module super league” ( a term given for the largest 7 manufacturers in the worlds)? in their first few years of production.

“So what about longevity, won’t I be safer with a more long term brand?”

It’s a very good question.

Certainly there are many well tested brands in the Australian market brands available in Australia. Q-Cell, Canadian Solar, ET, Sun power, LG to name a few. How ever you will almost certainly pay more.

That is, if you purchase their “flag ship mono” models. Longi solar panels are often the same price for their cheaper less efficient Poly models.

Longi recently was awarded the coveted “top ten module” from DNV (a large well respected German testing lab),? so it’s a fairly safe bet that they are going to last a very long time.

Overall, price, performance, efficiency and looks. They are a panel that are quite difficult to beat.

Picture – A recently Longi solar install by Lumax in Cairns QLD

In my humble opinion they are very hard to go past. It has all the key elements. It has a good price, it”s monocrystalline so you know it will last and they are a huge multinational brand…

It’s a great choice.


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