Are suntec a good solar panel for my home?

Suntec offer a long history in the solar panel industry. From the many industry giants that are no longer here. It has stood the test of time. 

Founded in 2001 they have been making quality solar panels for nearly 20 years. 

The 315 watt model is a Mono Crystline meaning the cells are cut from in one pure slice from the silicon ingot. Giving them higher efficiency and long term performance. 

It also has PERC (passivated emitter rear contact) technology which improves low light performance efficiency. 

One of the outstanding part of this solar panel is the IP68 junction box much higher than the standard IP66 rating of most junction boxes. 

This means they will stand more difficult weather conditions and harsh environments better than many. 

Suntec offer a good combination of quality and price that are difficult to beat. 

The Suntech 315 also uses Half cut cell technology. 

Which increases low light performance and increases overall performance. 

You can read about half cut technology here

Suntec offer a 12 year product warranty. Which is 20%  above standard. Giving you peace of mind. 

Probably the most impressive thing about the Suntech panels is they have passed what is known as VDE standards. 

This is a testing centre that takes the average standards tests and then increase it up to 5 times the norm. 

Find out more about VDE testing standards here. 

They test for high mist, salt, corrosion, damp and humidity meaning they are really good for tropical and cyclone  environments. 

All in all they are a great quality panel for a very reasonable price. 

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