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In the modern world there are many options for solar panels but which one is the best for you? We explain in this blog.

In Australia we are lucky to have the best solar panel pricing in the world. However we also have one of the harshest environments for solar panels around.

We often live in coastal communities close to beaches with high salt corrosion potential. Often subjected to high winds and high heat during summer then low temperatures and freezing conditions during winter.

When asking yourself which is the best solar panels for your home or business there are a couple of questions to ask yourself.

  • What’s more important. Payback time or longevity?
  • How important is warranty to you?
  • Do do you want Mono crystalline solar panels or Poly crystalline solar panels.

As a general rule. It is better to go for larger solar panel companies than smaller ones. Large public solar companies who have been around a long time are likely to honor warranties. The top 7 companies in the world are known as the SMSL (silicon module super league)

The members of the SMSL as of 2020.

  • Longi Solar
  • Canadian Solar
  • Q-Cell
  • Risen
  • Jinko solar
  • Trina solar
  • GCL-SI.

They are the biggest brands in the world. Longi currently being the biggest manufacturer in the world.

The SMSL are often considered to be the most “bankable” panels in the world which is why they are selected for most major solar farm projects.

They are known for having both a good mix of quality and price.

You can also consider premium brands. They are considerably more expensive but do have the best warranties and efficiency.

Some of the best solar panel brands (or at least the most expensive)

  • LG
  • Sunpower
  • REC
  • Q-Cell

While these premium brands are much smaller companies (with the exception of Q-Cell). They have a reputation as boutique providers for those people who want the best long term results at a premium price.

Hope this helps!


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