Cairns 6.6kw Solar package 1.

Cairns 6.6kw Solar from $3990 fully installed.
or $22 per week $0 deposit.

This Cairns 6.6kw solar system is excellent for those wanting quality on a budget. The Risen Jager plus is a Mono Crystalline   330 watt half cut cell solar panel. Risen have been making solar panels for nearly 40 years. They are time tested. 

 The 330 watt features excellent low light performance and is rated for severe salt mist and corrosion. 

Featuring an efficiency of 19.6% it performs with the best panels in the world. For Cairns this is a highly suitable system.  the Sungrow inverter is known for it’s reliability and their excellent after sales service.

  • Very high efficiency 330 watt Solar panels. 
  • Half cut 120 cell technology means more power! 
  • Higher performance in low light and cloudy days. 
  • 50% higher than standard product solar panel warranty 
  • 10 year premium inverter warranty
  • Risen are part of the silicon module super league. 
  • 3rd largest solar panel manufacturer in the world. 
  • Get higher long term performance than less efficient models.

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