Cairns solar power. What’s important?

If you live in Cairns then you know our conditions are unique.

But what’s important to look for?

Well in Cairns, we have significant challenges and benefits.


  • Cyclones.
  • High Humidity
  • Salt corrosion from beach living.
  • Extremely hot conditions.
  • Close to equator so roof orientation does not matter as much.

If you live in Cairns, then each of these should play a factor in your thinking.

For example

  • Q-Cell Solar panels can carry as much as double the standard cyclone load for solar panels.? (seems helpful in a major cyclone area)
  • They are also designed for high heat, high humidity and high stress conditions.
  • Q-Cell panels have been tested at James Cook university for? genuine 1 in 500 year cyclone conditions. They are one of the only solar panel manufacturers to put their panels to “independant” university testing in north Queensland. I often wonder why other panel brands declined.
  • Mono-crystalline panels will perform better under high stress conditions over the long term. If your in Cairns, Townsville or Mackay you may be best to consider these.
Has your system been designed for serious cyclone conditions?
  • It’s one thing to “say it has” but does the company have experience in dealing with cyclones?

Cairns based companies know the reality of what can happen and take it into account when they design their systems. *Well at least the good companies do.

It’s been my experience that southern companies often do not understand the ramifications, of poor design when it comes to the conditions unique to Cairns. Sometimes they take a “meh” approach with unfortunate results.

Each area of Australia is broken up into wind regions.

  • They are labelled from A (low wind) to D (extremely high wind)
  • Cairns, Townsville and Mackay are all Wind Region C.

Why does this matter?? The number of fixings to your roof increases dramatically.

This is to ensure the structural integrity of the installation.

For example in Wind region A,? it may only be required to use 2 points of contact.

In wind region C depending on the brand of racking,? it can be as much as 7.

This is even higher on a Two story house.


  • Make sure if your installing solar panels in Cairns Queensland that your company understands the realities of the location.
  • Choose a panel that is suitable for the conditions.
  • Consider the heat…poly panels have a worse result in high heat conditions.
  • Ensure you consult with local knowledge for people that genuinely understand the conditions.
  • While of course it is impossible to account for all scenarios and all brands of panels are “Cyclone rated at 2500 PA” some are simply a lot stronger and will last much longer in these types of conditions.



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