Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Cairns and Townsville solar power.

We are often asked lots of the same questions for Cairns and Townsville solar power so we hope this easy guide helps you 


How much can my solar save me?

This depends on

  • Size of the system.
  • Do you use power during the day or night?
  • Are you willing to use it properly?>

As an example a 10kw system on a domestic house using 60% of the power the solar panels produce and sending 40% to the grid. At the time of writing would save you $762 per quarter on your electricity bill.

Over 20 years this is over $60,000!! even if power prices don’t rise!

Will my solar panels still work on rainy days?

The short answer is yes. But at a reduced power output. Solar panels work best in the sun. 

How long will it take until I start saving money on my electricity bills?

This will happen the moment your solar panel system is turned on. in QLD this is after the energy company change your meter to a digital import/export  meter.Usually about two weeks after your installation.  

How long will my solar panels last?

Warranties on solar panels differ between brands. most panels carry a 25 year performance warranty but it is extremely difficult to claim on. Most good solar panels have 10-15 years on the product which is the “real warranty. 

How ever, many brands are not good to deal with. that is why Lumax solar is very picky on who we choose to to business with. 


Only companies with Australian offices and local warranties. 


I live in Cairns or Townsville, will my solar panels survive a cyclone?

If your solar panels are installs by a reputable solar installer like Lumax solar then yes they will have no issues during a cyclone. This is one reason its important to use a local company as we understand that cyclones are a very real issue in Cairns and Townsville. 

We “over engineer our systems to make sure you will have decades of trouble free enjoyment of your low bills. 


I have heard about solar panels breaking down after just a couple of years. Will this happen to me?

Unfortunatly there are some very unscrupulous operators in the solar industry. Selling low quality products at very cheap prices. 

IF you buy from these kinds of operators then yes , it is quite likley. If you buy from a reputable supplier like Lumax solar who has been around for many years and is a platinum rated supplier then this will not happen and you can expect decades of great performance. 

How many solar panels are needed to run a house?

The number of solar panels needed will depend on your usage levels and the kilowatt (kW) rating of the system as a whole. Most solar systems can produce around 4kWh of electricity each day for every 1kW of solar panels, meaning a 5kW system could produce around 20kWh per day.

Installation staff are very knowledgeable, take the time to explain it in full to you and leave everything as tidy as they find it. Lovely fellows. Would very highly recommend Lumax to other prospective solar customers.

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