New Huawei L1 2020 inverter

So everyone is talking about the new Huawei L1 Sun2000 series what’s the fuss about?

Sleek in design. Full ten year warranty

Coming from the worlds largest inverter manufacture.

Huawei has released it’s latest generation of inverters the Sun 2000 L1 Hybrid battery inverter. With some some significant upgrades.

  • It now has the option of EPS (emergency power supply)
  • No longer requires a smart meter to have consumption monitoring.
  • Includes massive allowable DC input up to 7500 watts on the 5 kw and 9000 watts on the 6 kw.
  • Now comes with a single phase hybrid option.
  • The ability to have individual optimizer functions.
  • One of the most impressive monitoring platforms available for a string inverter.
It is not surprising that many of the largest solar retailers in Australia are switching from traditional players.

The new Huawei L1 also won the prestigious Inter-solar award for 2019. Not an easy task when up against the worlds best manufacturers.

Huawei won the prestigious intersolar award for Photovoltaics 2019

The Huawei L1 has full battery compatibility with the LG chem and new Huawei battery.

The 5kw model has an inbuilt 5kw DC battery charger built in. This makes it one of the most powerful DC charge systems available.

The new Huawei L1 has built in ARC detection. AI controlled. with 99% Accuracy.

AI power arc detection is groundbreaking.

One of the most advanced features of the new Huawei L1 is its AI controlled Arc detection. This makes it one of the most safe inverters on the market. With 99.9% detection accuracy compared to its rivals of 50-60% accuracy it is a game changer.

It has the ability to ‘learn’ your house and circuit noise. This makes it more accurate over time.

Other review sights have given similar opinions such as Solar Review.

Giving the inverter a rating of “elite”

In summary

I am of the opinion in my 15 years of working in solar, this is the best performing unit for the price on the market.

Other similar featured inverters such as Sungrows hybrid are nearly twice the price. They also only offer half the warranty. It is the inverter I personally recommend as being the best available for both features and benefits.




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