Should I get a 10kw system in QLD?

With the recent changes to allowable PV limits. Many companies are now pushing customers to get large 10kw systems on a single phase residence.

So you may be asking yourself? is this right for me?

There is a couple of questions you need to answer to know this and it defiantly is not a “one size fits all” answer as many companies would have you believe.

Most of these systems will need to be limited to 5kw export limiting.? This means if you are not using a lot of power during the day, your system simply wont produce any more than 5kw anyway! Its like having the handbrake on all day and you have simply paid way to much for a system that is not going to work properly.

However, customers with very high day time usage can defiantly benefit from having the larger system.? If you use air conditioning, pool pumps, heaters and generally use more than 4-6kw every hour during the day then it defiantly may be of benefit to get the larger system.

It’s important to make an educated decision when working this out, or you may find you have spent far more than you needed too and getting no more result than if you had installed a standard 6kw system.

Lets take an example;

John and Judy both work during the day, most of their consumption is late afternoon and early evening, they don’t have a pool and and there usage is about 20kw a day.

If they were to get a 10kw system. It would simply run at 5kw all day due to the export limiting functions required by Ergon and they would have wasted their money getting a larger system.? The system would produce about 26kw per day and they would have paid as much as $5000 more for their system. A very unfortunate outcome indeed!

So in summary be careful of “one size fits all” solutions from companies trying to sell you their “highest profit” solution.? Make and informed decision.

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