Mareeba Solar Power & Panels

Want to save on your energy bills while helping safeguard our planet? Top-quality, correctly installed solar panels convert the power of the sun into reliable, usable energy for your home or business in Mareeba.

Also known as photovoltaics (which translates to ‘light-electricity), solar panel systems are a revolutionary renewable energy technology. Ready to join the future? Our team of specialist consultants and installation experts are here to help.

Celebrate Mareeba’s sunny climate

Here in Mareeba, we’re lucky to experience warm, sunny weather almost all year round. That makes your home or business in the region an ideal candidate for solar panel systems.

With the sun on your side and quality products, you could end up eliminating your power bill completely. What would you do with all that spare cash?

Local Mareeba solar installation experts

At Lumax, we believe in doing the job right the first time. We understand that you want prompt, reliable services for a fair price – and we’re ready to deliver.

Our local team know the ins and outs of the solar industry and can equip your home with a state-of-the-art system that provides clean energy for years to come.

What type of solar power panels should be installed in Mareeba?

Deciding which solar power panel to purchase for your Mareeba property can be daunting. We strive to make the process as easy as possible, and our experienced team members offer industry-leading advice to all clients.

To start, here are three types of solar panels worth considering your Mareeba property.

  1. Budget brands. These are less expensive solar products with a relatively short lifespan. Budget brands do not usually have offices in Australia.
  2. Quality solar panels. These provide longer-term use for a moderate price tag. Most ‘big brands’ fall under this category.
  3. Premium products.Want the best products available and have the budget to spend? Enjoy a long lifespan, excellent performance, and five-star customer service.

The product you choose depends on your property type and budget. Our consultants will be with you every step of the way.

What are the cost savings of installing solar power panels in Mareeba?

Here’s a quick guide to how much money you could be saving on electricity with solar power panels.

System sizeApprox. daily outputCost of traditional powerCost of solar powerPotential savings per year
3kW10 kWh30 centsLess than 15 cents$1350
5kW20 kWh30 centsLess than 15 cents$2200
1kW40 kWh30 centsLess than 15 cents$4400

What our customers say

“Provided all information required in layman’s terms. They were able to recommend what was right for my needs, rather than just upselling me products that were unsuitable or unnecessary. When severe local weather affected the installation date, they were quick to let me know in a timely manner, instead of leaving me standing around waiting for them all day. Finance was competitive and easy to set up. Installers were punctual, polite and efficient. Inverter and panels do everything they have said that they will do.” Andy Roberts – 19/03/2018

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