Cairns 6.6kw Package 2

Cairns 6.6kw solar package. High performance for $4490.

Using the worlds two biggest brands in solar. The Top Performance Package is hard to beat.

Putting the worlds two biggest brands in solar Longi and Huawei is a match made in heaven of affordability, technology and price.

The sleek all black high energy density Longi 350 watt uses Mono Shingle tile technology to seamlessly integrate into your rooftop with high quality power. Longi are currently the largest producer of solar panels in the world and have a reputation for constant technology advances. This includes 3 world records broken for efficiency in the last few years.

Couple this with the worlds largest inverter manufacturer Huawei which boasts hybrid battery functions. As well as winning the recent worlds best efficiency on inverters. The testing was done through the famous DNV testing labs in Germany.

The Huawei inverter is quite unique as well. It has built in battery functions and can be hooked up to the LG battery platforms which are probably the most popular battery system on the market today.

Probably the most world leading feature of this inverter is its “TRUE ten year warranty”

Eh? What do you mean” I hear you say? “Lots of inverters have ten year warranties”

This is not actually the case at all.

Many inverters including market leaders such as fronius sungrow and ABB actually have what is called a 5 + 5 warranty. A cleverly disguised ‘version’ of a ten year warranty that basically is worth almost nothing in the last 5 years.

Want more?

The Huawei inverter also has as an add on extra available called the PV safety shutdown box. This units protects your solar system in the event of a potentially deadly fire or electrical event. Normal inverters will not do this is if the issue is on the roof. It is all part of Huawei’s smart tech revolution approach to solar inverters.

The smart shut down functions add on can really help in a time of need

Even more?

The Huawei smart home inverter also has full consumption monitoring available through the use of CT smart meters and its very innovative approach to online monitoring .

All in all we believe this is probably the best value package on the market. In respect to performance, price and warranty. While their are definitely more expensive brands costing as much as double the price. You don’t actually get a lot more for your buck if you consider the large price differences on an example of a Fronius/LG system.

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