What Is A Solar Power Inverter?

So what is a solar power inverter ?


  • Is it important?
  • Which one should you choose?


inverters quality


The solar power inverter is a very important part of any solar system.

  • There are? many brands, and it can be a bit of a minefield.
  • While many of them carry similar “on paper warranties”? how they act in the real world can be very different.

What does the inverter do?


  • ? The inverter converts the solar energy to power your home can use.
  • ? It converts the DC power made from you solar to AC energy which can be used by the Australian grid.
  • ? Each inverter has different efficiencies and reliability qualities.

Usually European brands are far more reliable. However the are much more expensive.

  • The warranties can be deceiving.

For example the Fronius Primo is widely considered to be the best inverter on the market.

They come with a ten year warranty?

No, it is a 5 +5 warranty. Meaning you get 5 years of full warranty, then after that they only cover parts.? All the inverters are the same.

They will charge your for

  • Parts
  • Installer labour
  • Factory labour
  • Freight

The repair costs could in fact be higher than inverter replacement.

While I definitely agree the high end brands generally last way longer than the chinese brands.

It’s quite unlikely you will have to claim warranty as they are extremely reliable.

  • ABB
  • Fronius
  • Sungrow
  • SMA
It’s important to understand? the facts.

These brands are without question the best brands on the market. However you will definitely pay a significant premium for them.

  • If you want hassle free solar then these are the best choice.?

However it is more expensive and in many cases other quality inverters like Goodwe will last a similar time and are half the price.

The most important thing is to make an informed decision.

Do they honour their warranties with a customer hassle free experience?

  • In my 15 years of solar experience this is probably the most important.?

It’s? one thing to claim a “XYZ” warranty, it’s another to actually look after your customers when things don’t go as planned.

  • The inverters we recommend. All in our experience all look after customers when things go wrong.
  • This comes from many years of trading and often having to deal with bad inverter companies who make endless excuses to not fix failed products.

Over many years we have learned that is without question the most important thing. The best brands without question in our experience are as follows.

  • Fronius
  • ABB
  • Sungrow
  • Goodwe.

I am very confident in recommending these brands for after sales service.

We are very experienced and we make these choices with extreme care.

In conclusion


  • Make an informed decision.
  • European inverters are nearly always are better.
  • Be careful of the fine print on the inverter warranties.





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