What is a Tier one solar panel?

Tier one solar panels is often used in advertising for solar in Queensland but what does it really mean?

Well to be fair, not much in the way of quality.

Tier one is a way?of describing how many solar panels a company makes every three months by a company called “bloomberg new energy finance”

It is absolutely not a measure of quality or long term performance. It is a major mistake to think that just because a panel is a “Tier one” that it can be? lumped in with quality or high end brands.

There are some? panels of low quality build in the list that are very near the top. Simply because they are cheap so they sell a lot of them.

A great example of this is Jinko solar panels which we lovingly refer to as the “banana panel”.? ?In my experience they are often so out of square it makes them difficult to install without it looking like a banana.

They are often right up the top of the “Tier one solar panel list” as they are a cheap build. How ever I would be very surprised if anyone considered them even in the same league as high end panels such as Q-Cell, LG, REC and Longi solar panels.

So why do companies keep quoting TIER ONE?

Often unscrupulous sales companies and sales people will use the “Tier one solar panel list”? to sell you cheap nasty panels as a top brand and unbelievably low prices. Often they compare them to premium brands such as Q-Cell.

Don’t get me wrong , tier one solar panels are always going to be a bit better than a tier 2 or 3.

You should never consider buying those panels.

It’s important to understand that the place on the list does not mean quality, it means size.

Would you consider great wall car to be better than a Porsche just because they make more of them? Of course not.

The tier one list is very much the same.

The most important thing when buying solar panels in Queensland is to get reputable advice from a company that tells the truth.

There are plenty of decent brands in the Tier one list and many of them at very good prices.? Just don’t let a shifty sales person talk you into thinking the brand is top quality just because “it’s on the list”

Below are some great brands we have worked with for many years and through our own experience of 10 years are happy to support as being quality.

My personal favourite is Q-Cell as they are top quality but still within a very decent price range. ET is a great value brand and LG being extremely expensive but also very good.

If you’re installing solar panels in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay Toowoomba or Rockhampton where the weather conditions are quite extreme.? It can also be a very good idea to consider the wind loading or cyclone rating of the solar panels.

While most have a standard wind loading of 2500PA,? premium brands are often much higher. For example Q-Cell can be as much as 5000PA double the normal resistance to wind. Which over the long term will make a very big difference to how the panels survive.



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