Who is PEIMAR solar panels and are they good? Review

Peimar solar have recently entered the Australian solar market. They are being touted as a premium brand.

But are they worth it?

Well they certainly do have some interesting points.

Their 310 watt Mono black panel is a PERC panel showing the latest technology at a high efficiency level. This? meets and in many cases exceeds other? premium modules.

They are also made in Italy. Which in itself doesn’t really mean a lot,? other than European factories often have a generally higher standard of production.

If you compare them to many chinese factories so this may be a good thing.? However,? many customer may find this appealing.

Chinese factories are often known to “say one thing on the box, but not actually in the box”

What’s impressive about them?

One thing that definitely does stand out about PEIMAR solar panels? is the 20 year product warranty and 30 year performance warranty.

This is very high,? beaten only by LG and Sunpower which are considerably more expensive.? This may be one reason to consider them.

But given they are very new how do we know they will be there in 20 years to honour the warranty?

No one can? answer this so it is concerning.

Their MONO PERC line is also all black and black frame models? meaning they look great on the roof.? Tho this is becoming quite common now days in higher end brands.

5 Busbar technology is good. While not particularly special, it is still above many cheaper brands which are sporting 4 busbar and in some cases even 3.


PEIMAR solar panels are still very new to the market. Time will tell if they are a long term player that stands the test of time such as Q-Cell, ET and Canadian solar have over the long term.

If you like the thought of a European made panel that is high efficiency and appears at least to be of premium quality? Then this may the panel for you.

Their factory is relatively small.? On the world wide production scale being only 150m.? I suppose one could argue? ferrari also don’t make bulk products.? They just make very good ones and I don’t think anyone would argue that point.

Some of Australia’s Largest wholesalers have recently taken up the call on PEIMAR so it appears to be well backed in Australia.

Overall,? I think they look pretty good.? My only concern is they have not been around long enough to know 100% if they are a long term well built module.

But for the price and the features they are definitely worth considering if you are looking at the higher end of the market.



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