Why Choose a Quality product

All solar systems are basically the same right? Said cheap low quality companies.

Fact – You will NEVER hear a reputable company say this.

The thing to ask your self. Is anything that produces up to 700 volts and sits on your roof producing electricity for up to 25 years a good bet to put the cheap junk up there?

The simple facts are many, many PV systems being sold on the market today are very low quality and give the home owner very significant risk to their safety.

At Lumax we refuse to sell the cheap and nasty.? We live and breathe the energy revolution and it is part of who we are.

There are some very simple rules no matter who you purchase your products from.

  • Only buy Tier one products.
  • Only purchase systems from reputable companies.
  • Make sure your company gives all the information.

If a company ‘glosses over’ the important? differences in each type of system available or worse ‘sells you over the phone without a significant consultation process’? Our advise is RUN!

These companies prey on peoples lack of information and a crazy belief that ‘All solar panels are the same’

The facts are a low Quality solar system could BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN.? you are risking your family and your home.
The renewable energy revolution is the most exciting thing to happen in the last twenty years, and it can be absolutely fantastic.

  • You purchase from a reputable company
  • You have been educated on the benefits and how to maximise your return.
  • You buy a quality system.

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